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Social Engagement

ACFE Global Fraud Conference  June 21, 2021
Jack Healey will be speaking to the virtual Association of Fraud Examiners  Global Fraud Conference.  This will be his fifth time speaking to this group.
His Presentation titled " Fraud Precognition:  Crystal Balls, Tarot Cards and Other Risk Management Tools"  explores the similarities to modern day risk management and the art of cold reading.  He also will introduce the concept of Velocity of Risk and how VoR impacts risk management.  The presentation will include a 'virtual Tarot card reading'.  You may sign up for the three day conference at Association of Certified Fraud Examiners - Conferences (
ISACA Atlanta Geek Week 2021  August 17, 2021
Jack Healey will be speaking to the Information Systems Auditing Controls Association "Geek Week" on the topic of information risk management.  His presentation "Tarot Cards, Crystal Balls and other Information Risk Management Tools" is an adaptation of his presentation to the Global Fraud Conference.  This in person three day event will be held in Atlanta, Georgia.  You may register at Geek Week 2021 - Atlanta Chapter (
Selected Past Presentations
Presentation to Syracuse University Lubin School of Accounting May 11, 2021  "To Catch a Thief: Investigations and Interrogations"  A real life investigation of procurement fraud.
Presentation to Kennesaw State University Information Technology Program March 31, 2021  "Risk Management- Deep Thoughts and Better Results"  A discussion of granularity of risk and impact of time on results.
Presentation to Association of Certified Fraud Examiners 2020 Global Fraud Conference..  The topic "Multidimensional Cyber Communications- It's More than Notification and  Compliance"  A thought leading discussion of the three C's of communication and how to incorporate into your cyber communications.
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