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Interim CFO Services,

Staff Augmentation &



Organizations who are facing change.  Preparing for a ‘going public’ transaction, raising capital, pre- or post-merger, private equity firms in need of support for their portfolio companies.  Companies whose current CFO’s could use the benefit of an experienced professional to guide them through the labyrinth of CFO issues faced in today’s business environment.


Provides an assessment of the organizations current capabilities and provides a ranked priority list to the CEO/owners for approval. A CFO’s role is to support the CEO, provide leadership to achieve the organizations' goals and objectives. Tailored to the situation, the interim CFO services vary. Coaching and mentoring include a needs assessment, goal setting at a frequency which makes sense for the situation.


Interim CFO services may include assessment of current financial reporting and controls; inventory controls; accounts receivable credit and collections; budgeting; forecasting; treasury and cash flow processes; reporting and close process; KPI’s, risk management; IT oversight, data warehousing assessment, P&C and health insurance; HR oversite, 401-k plan management; real estate and warehousing oversite; staff assessments; interviewing permanent CFO candidates. Coaching and mentoring session includes a need and abilities assessment to identify gaps.  A written development program followed up with periodic coaching sessions.  Post engagement, the CFO has access to their mentor for short sessions at no charge. 


The organization continues to improve, laying the foundation for the permanent CFO to ‘hit the ground running’.  All decisions are made with the arrival of a permanent CFO in mind and coordinated with the CEO/Owners to give the new CFO the best chance of success possible. CFO who participate in the coaching program get a confidential source to ask questions and discuss business issues in a safe non-judgmental environment.

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