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Board & Advisory Board Services


Organizations seeking the guidance from an executive who has a unique skill set- former SEC audit partner, public company CFO.  Qualified financial and information security expert for board listing exchange classification. Expertise in distribution, manufacturing, hospitality, retail, healthcare, professional services, supply chain, real estate, benefits, operational processes, and controls.


First and foremost, understanding the role of a Board member and Advisory Board member.  As the Corporate Secretary of a NYSE and NASDAQ listed Public Company for 12 years, Jack Healey drafted the agenda for all meetings and ensured compliance with exchange rules. An NACD member for over 20 years believes in the important role of a Board and understanding the role of management in developing strategy and managing risk.


Uniquely qualified to serve or advise on the topics of accounting, audit, business and cyber risk, governance and ethical issues. A recognized expert if distribution, wholesale, and service industries, have served on public company and private company Boards for several years. Have the ability to see the big picture, while simplifying the execution into measurable focused activities.  Provides guidance to management teams during transformational events including learning how to thrive in a private equity environment. 


A board member who is extremely prepared, follows through and creates value for the other board members and management team.

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